10 March 2014

Orozco's new skill

Here is a video of John Orozco training his new skill - the Lou Yun half, which he hopes to get named after him. This one is much cleaner than his attempt at the winter cup.

American Cup International Feed

I was pleased to find that USA gymnastics have released an 'international feed' which consists of many routines not shown on NBC. It doesn't have commentary, but is much better than the NBC coverage which features lots of waiting around and not many routines.

08 July 2013

Get Gymnastics As Part Of Your News

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06 July 2013

Will and Sam Road To Rio

British gymnasts Sam Oldham and Will Trood have just launched a new YouTube channel where they will be posting videos of their training as they aim for the Rio Olympics:

Watch their intro video:

04 July 2013

Crazy New Combo From Deurloo!

Hold onto your seat this will blow your mind!

That crazy combo is worth a whopping 2.3 in difficulty: Half tak (D) - Kolman (F) - Kovacs (D) - Kovacs half (D) = 1.8 + 0.5 connection.

25 June 2013

Draw For Rhythmic Worlds Completed

The draw for Rhythmic worlds was held recently in Kiev:

LAUSANNE (SUI), FIG Office, June 24, 2013: The drawing of lots that determines the starting order for the competitions of the 32nd FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships was carried out in the host city Kiev (UKR) on June 12. Some 300 gymnasts representing 59 countries are registered for the event that will take place from August 28 – September 1, 2013, at Kiev’s Sports Palace.,10869,5187-191774-208997-44545-318263-news-item,00.html


View the draw here:

11 June 2013

USA National Team Camp Training Videos

USA Gymnastics has posted a couple of training videos from the national team camp at the Karolyi ranch including some impressive tumbling from Brenna Dowell:

This is really great for fans and hopefully they post some more.

07 June 2013

Lauren Mitchell News Alert

Lauren Mitchell appeared in a news story recently as she takes part in a charity run to raise money and awareness for lung disease

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The Story of Shun Fujimoto

Watch one of the most legendary stories of Olympic gymnastics: